mercredi 21 mars 2012

Zea Mays and Ainara

[Euskara] - [Español] - [Français]

Zea Mays
A long time ago I had a song in mind, that I once heard in the Café-concert Garra in Hélette, while I was writing a musical scene for Ainara : the scene of a departure for another journey, again and forever.
This song was mainly characterized by a mesmerizing voice, powerful, light and almost oriental in its style and in its way to sublimate the musicality of the Basque language.

It is the very song which made me discover Zea Mays shortly after the group was created, with its rock'n roll classic simplicity (drums, bass, guitar, vocals) together with a sensitivity equals to no other. Imagine that a simple voice is able to bring tears to the eyes, for the mere reason that it exists.

Asier Basabe, Ruben Gonzalez, Iñaki Imaz « Piti » and Aiora Renteria of course, the team of Zea Mays has understood the cultural adventure which Ainara already is. They have given us freedom, full freedom to set their song to film (song which we do not uncover here). On top of this, they added an extra : something coming right from the heart.

Thank you. Eskerrik asko.
Jean Darrigol

Asier Basabe (drums), Ruben Gonzalez (bass), Iñaki Imaz "Piti" (guitar), Aiora Renteria (vocals)

ZEA MAYS was formed in Bilbao in 1997. Up until now they have released six albums, “Zea mays” 1998, “Elektrizitatea”(Electricity) 2000, “Harrobian”(In the quarry ) 2002, “Sortuz, grabitatearen aurka”(Creating against gravity) 2005, “Morphina”(Morphine) 2007, “Era” (Form/ way). Their latest album, Era, which contains twelve songs, was recorded at Lamiña Producciones by Jose Lastra and mastered by Tony Cousins at Metropolis Group in London. Extract from Facebook.