7 ways to participate

"Ainara" is a feature movie script. This tale is the story of an inhabited location, of a youth, of an encounter with a hidden man (Aitor), of a friendship with a story teller (Roseline) and of the discovery of a door opening on time for a never ending journey but always different. It is the story of a house and a swallow.

Shooting an independent multilingual European impressionist movie, over the borders, with the goal to be screened in the Basque Country, in Europe, in the Basque diaspora countries and in the rest of the world is a challenge that practicing alternative participatory methods while seeking a producer - who will invest in the history of Ainara - allows to win.

You want to be part of this adventure ? You are welcome to join one or more of the following actions:

1. Sign the Visitors' Book ("Livre d'Or") 
It has been a while that you have been hearing of Ainara. You want to support the project, you want it to be screened. Welcome to sign the ""Livre d'Or"" (Visitors' Book).

The goal is to get the maximum number of people signing in each concerned country.

2. Suggest a picture to illustrate flyers and posters

The project will be launched with a call for a picture in order to illustrate electronics and printed flyers and posters.

As a thank-you, the selected picture author will get the opportunity to present himself and his work on this blog. He will also have the opportunity to be an extra during the shooting of the movie. He will also get movie tickets for the screening.

To know more about the criteria to properly answer the call and about the key points that the picture shall evoke, send us your piece of art. To know more, please check the page "Call for visuals to illustrate flyers and posters".

3. Sign in to the Participatory workshops
People wanting to be part of the adventure will meet together in virtual and real participatory workshops. These workshops will engineer "packs" for movie lovers, art lovers, Basque Country lovers and associate producers. To know more, check the list of the workshops and sign in for one or more of them.

4. Be part of the casting 
The day will come when, in addition to the characters already cast, somes other characters and extras will be cast thanks to Internet. To be part of this you can already tell us which character would suits you.

5. Be part of the search for localizations
Some locations are tough to find. They might be located right close to you! You can be part of the search for localizations by informing us about a location that you think will suit one scene or another of the movie. Right now, you can be part of the Paintings pre-localization.

6. Be a Subscriber or Associate Producer with Ainara
You want to help or to be part of the financing of Ainara and you want to negociate counterparts (as a person or as a company). You can be a Subscriber or an Associate Producer with Ainara.

7. Be kept posted and relay the information to your relatives and friends 
To be kept informed regarding the news for the project Ainara (launching of calls for projects, casting, localizations, participatory workshops, etc.) just drop your email in the box "Recevoir les mises à jour par mail" located in the right column of this blog.

You want your relatives and friends to share this adventure with you ? Relay this website page by email, Facebook, Google+, etc.