mercredi 25 janvier 2012

Other characters

  • The nearest neighbor (young and old)
  • Peio (the barman, speaks French and Euskara)
  • Kattalin (the radiant cook, she speaks French, Spanish, Euskara)
  • Jakes (the biker, speaks French and Euskara)
  • The father (elderly and powerful man, only his hands are visible)
  • Ugo’s boyfriend (a mere presence, his face is never shown)
  • The blond woman (character played by Catherine Deneuve in the film Hôtel des Amériques)
  • The Gipsy (the dancer)
  • Kattalin’s lover (50-60 years old, speaks Spanish and French)
  • The two killers (mute roles) 
  • Gendarmes (2 teams of 3 gendarmes, speak French)
  • The matron (70, stout and fit, speaks French and Euskara)
  • Lady driver (fiftyish, a neighbor, speaks Euskara)
  • Airline hostess (from the 70s-80s, speaks English)
  • Children (primary school age, speak Euskara and French)
  • Group of Gypsies (men aged 18 to 50 or more) 
  • The hitch-hiker